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Mantova Collezioni Antiche

Stone fireplace frieze

The entablature segment with overlapping and projecting cornices at the top constitutes part of a fireplace from the Palazzo Ducale in Revere (Mantua). At the lateral extremities one can see, repeatedly, the enterprise of the sun, connected by a double festoon. In the central part, the garland depicting the rock with a diamond is supported by two hovering winged putti.

The plastic strength of the putti standing out in relief from the background refers to Andrea Mantegna’s language of the vault of the Camera Picta in the Castle of San Giorgio and to Fancellian solutions; stylistic assonances with the Florentine works of the brothers Desiderio and Geri da Settignano can also be noted.

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Tempio Leon Battista Alberti

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