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Tempio Leon Battista Alberti

Funeral cone of the priest Amen-mes

Archaeological investigations and the study of tomb paintings attest to the frequent use of funerary cones in New Kingdom tombs. These were embedded in the façade of the building, which the ritual expected to face east, towards the sunrise. The name and titles of the owner of the tomb, inscribed on the base of the cone, were thus struck by the sun’s rays at dawn, associating the fate of the deceased with the daily rebirth of the celestial star.

The scene imprinted on this cone shows the sun boat at the top, at the bottom two columns of text flanked by the mirror image of the deceased in the act of prayer. Although the hieroglyphic inscription is rather worn, the name (ren) and title of the owner of the tomb are still understandable and, therefore, will continue to ensure the survival beyond the death of the Amen-mes priest.

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New Kingdom (1539-1070 BC)
unbaked clay

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